Who Are We

Human Liberty Network (HLN) is a strategically developed informal network of 16 grassroot NGOs & CBOs who consciously work towards reduction of incidences of Human Trafficking in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In October 2012 all implementing organisations for India Nepal Human Liberty Program working in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh came together and discuss their challenges on working on the issue of human trafficking and realized that it is important to have a coordinated effort to address the issue of trafficking and an informal Network known as “Indo Nepal Human Liberty Network” came in existence on 26th June, 2013.

The core purpose of this network was to strengthen cross border coordination across program and collaborate with other stakeholder. This led to great results in restoration, repatriation, and rehabilitation of trafficked survivors. Later in January 2015 this network name was changed to Human Liberty Network and focus shifted to the issues of human trafficking from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.